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Jessica Tilles, National Bestselling Author of Loving Simone, Anything Goes, In My Sisters' Corner, Apple Tree, Fatal Desire, and more!


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"I dibble dabble in all genres. You'll never know what you're going to get from me."
— Jessica Tilles

Well, hey there! What's new with you? It's been a minute, huh? Welcome to my brand new website. Do you like it? I figured it was time to take down the landing page that had been up since Shep was a pup, and get my tail into gear. I need to give you something to read!

I've been quite busy, which is a good thing. Busyness keeps me out of trouble! Through my company, TWA Solutions, I'm helping authors reach their dreams. Are you an aspiring author? I would love to help!

But, baby, I'm back!

Hey, check it. I'm doing something really crazy, and so far it has been a blast. I am rewriting all of my novels. Yes, you read that right. Every last one of them, except for Loving Simone and Erogenous Zone. I'm updating all characters and bringing them into 2015 and beyond. Well, not so beyond. Beginning 2016, I will re-release each book every other month. They will have all new packaging and everything. Yes, Ms. Raven will be doing her thing. Oh, and speaking of Raven. She's getting her own series—The Raven's Nest Series. I've missed the old broad, so I'm bringing her mischievous behind back!

Until then, my new book, Trespassing, is in "production" and will be released January 2016 (keeping fingers crossed).

Well, that's it for now. Again, I'm so happy you dropped by. I hope your stay is pleasant and enjoyable. If you need anything at all, like me at your book club meeting, at a book signing, a literary event, blog guest, just contact me.

Much love,



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